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Dogs Life

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G/B A G A D 

D              A        G 
  My cases sit right in front of me 
            D               A   G 
Waiting for someone to take me away 
 D             A 
Alone I sit my pills are 
G         Em 
kicked in See I'm a dog 
And I'm locked in my cage 

D A G Eyes are red Tongue D is hanging out I'm Thirsty A G as shit and I'm still a dog D A Fleas don't itch I got G a bath the other day Em Before this tirip A wonder where we're going
G/B A G A D D A My Toys are packed D I see my bed is in My A two bowls are somewhere G D in reach I'll scratch A G with rage until I find Em a way To get through the cardboard A that sits under me
Bm G It's cold down here Bm a bumby ride and My Em seat is not first class Bm G Em man's best friend I feel A befriended this is a dog's life
D G D A D G D/F# A D Okay we're here A G things are okay again D A A brand new lawn just G to welcome me here D A Scratch my ears and G I'll chase down your Em ball Looks like this A new place will be home For now
Bm G Bm It won't take long to go Em to sleep after going through Bm G all this Wake up tomorrow Em and we'll do it again A this is dog's life.
Outro D G D A D G D/F# A D

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