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F                            Em F 
I don't always tell the truth  
F                                        Em F  
They don't mind it if you're tall where I'm from  
                        G Am 
Anyone I find intrusive  
Am                                 F  
You won't bother if you choose me  

F                        Em F  
I don't only think of you  
F                                 C7  
As Untitled, insecure, chloroform  
I would rather stand if you stay  
Why would I lie to you?  

F                           C7        
My love, my love, my love, my love is,  
Am                           F 
My love, my love, my love is,  
F                            C7  
My love, my love, my love, my love is,  
F Em F Buckle up, we'll chase each other F Em F It's not a lot it's just enough to matter F G Am Anyway you want the truth is Am F I will marry you on tuesday F Em F I don't always tell the truth F C7 If you want it you could lose, don't bother C7 I don't like it if you miss me F Why would I long for you? Chorus TWICE

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