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Moon Song Acordes

Phoebe Bridgers



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Moon Song

(Phoebe Bridgers)

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	  Intro D  G  D  A  Bm  G 

D   A             G 
You asked to walk me home 
D      A            G 
But I had to carry you 
D          A   G 
And you pushed me in 
        D                    A         G 
And now my feet can't touch the bottom of you 
You couldn't have 
You couldn't have 

D A G Stuck your tongue down the throat of somebody D A G Who loves you more D A G So I will wait for the next time you want me E G Like a dog with a bird at your door ( D G D ) ( A Bm G ) D A G We hate Tears in Heaven D A G But it's sad that his baby died D A G And we fought about John Lennon D A G Until I cried A And then went to bed G Upset
D Now I am dreaming A G And you're singing at my birthday D A G And I've never seen you smiling so big D It's nautical themed A G And there's something I'm supposed to say E G But can't for the life of me remember what it is G D And if I could give you the moon G D A G I would give you the moon
D A You are sick, and you're married G And you might be dying D A G But you're holding me like water in your hands D A G When you saw the dead little bird, you started crying E G But you know the killer doesn't understand Final D A G D

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