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Carlene Acordes

Phil Vassar

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(Phil Vassar/Charlie Black/Rory Michael Bourke)

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	  *Chord changes are really fast in this song, I tried to write them above the  
exact word in the lyric the chord changes at* 
Intro: E   A   B <--(3 times) 
       E   A   B  C#m 
       E   A   B 
E              C#m      A         B 
I was lousy at math, a failed historian 
E       C#m      A      B 
Carlene was the valedictorian 
       E         C#m          A       B 
I was the quarterback in the back of class 
    E            C#m     A          B     E   A   B 
She was the whiz kid in horned rim glasses 
E                C#m         A          B 
It's been a long time since I've been around 
E               C#m     A        B 
Since I stepped foot on my old stomping ground 
E       C#m        A          B 
I ended up by the old school yard 
          E             C#m      A          B 
And this red head pulls up in a blue sports car 
           F#m        E             A              B 
And says, "I bet you don't remember, I guess it's been forever." 
F#m        G#m       A           B 
It took a second to put it all together and I said... 

E B A Ooh la la la la la B E A C#m B Looking good Carlene E B A Woh my my my my my B E C#m Times been good to you A B If you know what I mean F#m E Girl you glitter like Hollywood F#m G#m Good gosh Carlene A B E A B C#m E A B You sure are lookin good
E C#m A B She said, ?Hop in let's go for a spin E C#m A B Tell me whatcha been doing boy and where you been? E C#m A B I said, ?I write songs, you probably didn't know, but I E C#m A B E A B Finally got a couple out on country radio? E C#m A B She said, "What a switch, ain't life funny, I've got a E C#m A B Ph.D now I'm modeling for money." E C#m A B Imagine little miss 4 point 0 just E C#m A B Smiling for the camera on the cover of Vogue F#m E A B I said, ?You've come a long way since graduation, let me say without reservation F#m G#m A B You've surpassed everyone's expectations? CHORUS C#m B I said, ?I hope to see you again someday? A B She said, ?Another ten years is too long to wait F#m G#m A B Pick me up at my momma's at eight? I said... CHORUS

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