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Bye Bye Acordes

Phil Vassar

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Bye Bye

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	  Em       C                                G                                            D 
Girl you sure look pretty there standin' in the doorway in the sunset light 
Em       C                                   G                     D 
Maybe I read you wrong thinkin' I could be your Mr. Right 
C      D                Em          D               C 
I was puttin' my heart and soul on the line 
                 D                  Em              D              C                   D           Em 
Said you needed some time, just a little more time to make up your mind 
D                            A 
Well it's been long enough 
Your time is up 
    G   D     C              D 
Bye bye love, I'll catch you later   
      G                D           C                D                 G                            C 
Got a lead foot down on my accelerator and the rearview mirror torn off 
                     D             G         D                   C    D 
Cause I ain't never lookin' back. And that's a fact. 
   G     D   C        D 
I've tried all I can imagine 
 G                      D              C               D 
I've begged and pleaded in true lover's fashion 
G          D     C               D 
I've got pride, I'm takin' it for a ride 
   G   D    C          D         G 
Bye bye, bye bye my baby, bye bye 
Don't think all those tears are gonna hold me here like they've done before 
You'll see what's left of us in a cloud of dust on Highway 4 
Darling what did you expect me to do 
Sit around and wait on you 
I'm through watchin' you just skate around the truth 
And I know it sounds trite 
But I've seen the light 
Repeat Chorus 
I'd lost the game I guess 
  G                                 A 
I did my best to win the part 
Now I'm leavin' here with what's left of my heart. 
Repeat Chorus 
Bye bye 
Ooh baby 
Oh oh 
Bye bye, bye bye my baby, bye bye 


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