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Monday Morning Acordes

Peter Paul and Mary



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Monday Morning

	  Monday morning    (Intro) 
    Dm - E - Am 
     Dm                                 E              Am 
1. Early one mornin’ one mornin’ in spring 
         Dm                    G              C                  E 
    to hear the birds whistle, the nightingales sing. 
       Am             G                  Am          Em 
    I met a fair maiden who sweetly did sing, 
          Am              Dm                  E               Am 
    I’m going to be married next Monday morning. 
      Dm                            E               Am 
2. “How old are you, my fair young maid, 
     Dm              G               C              E 
    here in this valley, this valley so green ? 
     Am               G          Am             Em 
    How old are you, my fair young maid ?” 
     Am                   Dm                 E              Am 
    “I’m goin’ to be sixteen next Monday morning.” 
              Dm                                  E                       Am 
3. “Well, sixteen years old, that’s too young for to marry, 
         Dm             G              C                    E 
    so take my advice, five years longer to tarry. 
           Am                       G                Am           Em 
    For marriage brings troubles and sorrows begin, 
         Am              Dm                 E              Am 
    so put off your wedding for Monday morning.” 
             Dm                                 E                Am 
4. “You talk like a mad man, a man with no skill, 
    Dm                             G           C                     E 
    two years I’ve been waiting against my own will. 
            Am            G                Am                 Em 
    And now I’m determined to have my own way, 
           Am                    Dm                  E              Am 
    and I’m going to be married next Monday morning.” 

              Dm                                   E                   Am 
5. “And next Monday mornin’ the bells they will ring, 
   Dm                       G             C           E 
   my true love will buy me a gay gold ring. 
    Am            G            Am           Em 
    Also he’ll buy me a new pretty gown 
          Am            Dm                   E              Am 
    to wear at my wedding next Monday morning.” 
      Dm                                  E               Am 
6. “Next Monday night when I go to my bed, 
         Dm       G                   C                  E 
    and I turn round to the man that I’ve wed, 
       Am            G             Am                  Em 
    around his middle my two arms I will fling, 
             Am             Dm               E              Am 
    and I wish to my soul it was Monday morning.” 

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