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Again Acordes

Peter Hammill



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Em                                Am 
I stretch my hands, clutch vacant laughter 
D  Bm                          Em 
   in silence and sweet, sweet pain 
Em                         Am 
without demand, but with a longing 
D  Bm                        Em 
   for what will never come again. 

Em                                        Am 
I smell your perfume on the sheets in the morning: 
D                            Bm                  Em 
it lingers like the patterns on the window after rain, 
Em                                 Am 
a past that lives, if only for the present, 
D                          Bm          Em 
but which is gone and will never come again. 

        D                           Bm 
To your sad eyes, turned away, mine say 
Am       Bm       Em 
'Do you? Did you? How?' 
       D                        Bm 
As the darkness slides away the day 
Am                 Bm            Em 
shows what was and makes what is now. 

Em                                   Am 
I see your picture as though it were a mirror 
D              Bm                      Em 
but there's no part of you outside the frame 
Em                         Am 
except the change that you gave to me: 
D  Bm                    Em 
   this will never come again. 

Em                  Am 
I am me, I was so before you, 
D  Bm                          Em 
   but afterwards I am not the same. 
Em                    Am 
You are gone and I am with you: 
D  Bm                    Em 
   this will never come again. 
D  Bm                    Em 
   this will never come again. 
D  Bm                    Em 
   this will never come again.  

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