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Don't Call Me Acordes

Patrick Murphy

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Don't Call Me

Capo en el 1er traste

E  A   E  A - B 

    E                          A 
It hurts every part of me to say this 
'Cause there's not a part of you 
That I won't miss 
When you said it was over 
We agreed to still be friends 
  F#m                           B 
I didn't know how much it would hurt 
                    E      A - B 
Each time the phone rings 

       E                             A 
I've never felt more helpless in my life 
I'd finally found someone 
       A                  B 
Wanted you to be my wife 
When I think of my next word to you 
Tears start to fall 
        F#m                                B 
If you ever had the slightest feeling for me at all 

E Don't call me A Don't leave me a note E/G# I know that's what friends are for B But that just gives me hope C#m (B) And only a perfumed letter A Your voice from time to time F#m That's just enough A B To make me loose my mind E A Don't call me
E A - B Nothing would suit me better than to stay with you My angels face every morning, what a lovely view But I got to face the cold hard truth Start to stand up tall I don't want anything If I can't have it all Chorus E A Don't call me E A Don't call me E A - B E Why haven't you called me?

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