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Swim In Silence

	  Intro: F#  E  Ebm E  B   x2 

Verse 1: 
  Meet me here beneath 
the burning sky 
Where the ocean comes and  
E             B 
takes us from all our lives 
  Never said that you  
were coming back 
       Ebm            E 
I have waited all the while  
and found the place you hide 

F#                  E 
  What keeps you so far away? 

B We can swim in silence G You can pull me under Em B I will not come up for anyone G I could slowly sink in Em Watch you as you leave B G Em I will drown until you care
Post Chorus 1: F# E (I will drown Ebm E B until you care) Verse 2: F# E I imagine what it must be like Ebm E To have everything you need B And not be satisfied (satisfied) F# E Run the water till it burns Ebm E And you can’t see through the waves B That crash into your pride (Repeat Refrain) (Repeat Chorus 1) Post Chorus 2: F# E (going under F# E going under) Bridge: F# E cut it close to what F# we cannot recognize E floating face down in the lies F# here we are without a trace E of the lies we used to blame F# and you’re so far away E What keeps you so far away? (Repeat Chorus 1) Chorus 2: Em We can swim in silence B You can pull me under G F# I will not come up for anyone (Repeat Chorus 1) Outro: G Em B x2 G Em B G Em B G Em B G drumbeats I will drown until you care

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