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Áño: 2007 - Álbum: Riot!

I'm sitting in a room 
Made up of only big white walls and in the halls 
There's people looking through 
The window though they know exactly what we're here for 
Don't look up Just let them think 
        A                   F#m(hold) 
There's no place else You'd rather be 
You're always on display 
For everyone to watch and learn from 
          Em                         D   A 
Don't you know by now You can't turn back 
        Em   D/F#    G   A      D    F# 
Because this road is all you'll ever have 

Bm G Em F# And it's obvious that you're dying, dy-ing Bm G Em F# Just living proof that the camera's ly-ing G Em G And open wide, 'cause this is your night A F#(hold) So smile, 'cause you'll go out in style
(Repeat Intro) You'll go out in style Verse 2: Bm If you let me I could F#m I'd show you how to build your fences Bm Set restrictions, separate from the world F#m Because the ground that you hate to fight Em Just blame the limelight Don't look up A Just let them think There's no place else Em D A You'd rather be and now you can't turn back Em D/F# G A D F# Because this road is all you'll ever have (Repeat Chorus except last line) F#(hold) So smile, Bridge: Em G Yeah, yeah you're asking for it D With every breath that you breathe in A Just breathe it in Em G Yeah, yeah well you're just a mess D You do all this, big talk, yeah.. A So now let's see you walk it. I said let's see you walk it. Solo: Guitar 1: Bm-F#/Bb-A-E/G#-G--F# (x2) then bass lines Bm--G-Em-F# (x2)

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