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Áño: 2005 - Álbum: All We Know Is Falling

Tono:  Bb Más
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Part 1: Guitar 1: Bb9 Dm7 (x2) Guitar 2: Bb9 Dm7 e|-------8----------8-----------------|-------------------5---5-| B|---------10---------10----10----10--|---6-5-6---6-5-6-6---6---| G|-10-10------10-10------10----10-----|-7-------7---------------| D|------------------------------------|-------------------------|(x2) A|------------------------------------|-------------------------| E|------------------------------------|-------------------------| Guitar 3: (at time 0:07) e|-15(x3)-12(x3)-5h6p5/8---------6---5---8--| B|-----------------------5h6p5-5------------| G|------------------------------------------| D|------------------------------------------| A|------------------------------------------| E|------------------------------------------|
Part 2: Bb9 C F Dm7 Verse 1: Bb9 please speak softly Dm7 for they will hear us Bb9 and they'll find out Dm7 why we don't trust them Bb9 speak out dear Dm7 cause I cannot hear you Bb9 I need to know Dm7 why we don't trust them
Bb9 explain to me C F Dm7 this conspiracy against me yeah Bb9 and tell me how C F Dm7 I've lost my power oh yeah
Verse 2: Bb9 where can I turn Dm7 cause I need something more Bb9 surrounded by uncertainty Dm7 I'm so unsure Bb9 tell me why Dm7 I feel so alone Bb9 cause I need to know Dm7 to whom do I owe (Repeat Chorus) Bridge: Gm Bb9 Dm7 Bb9 I thought that we'd make it Gm Bb9 Dm7 Bb9 because you said that we'd make it through Gm Bb9 and when all security fails Dm7 Bb9 we'd be there to help me through (Repeat Chorus) (Repeat Intro part 1 only all 3 guitars) (I've lost my power...)

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