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Broken Wings

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Capo en el 1er traste
	  standard tuning 

Em              C 
Thank you for being 
such a friend to me 
Oh I pray a friend for life 
Em                    C 
And have I ever told you 
how much you mean to me 
oh you mean so much to me 

(this verse same chords and pattern) 

I'm thinking all the time  
how to tell you what I feel 
I'm contemplating phrases 
I'm gazing on eternity 
I am floating in serenity 

Em        D            C 
And I am so lost for words 
Em        D            C 
And I am so overwhelmed 

Em                    C 
Please don't go just yet 
Can we stay a moment please 
We can dance together 
We can dance forever 

Em           D     Em 
Under your stars tonight 
Em           D     Em 
And I am so overwhelmed 

Em                                    D 
Close your eyes, but don't dream too deep 
And please pass me some memories 
Em                         D 
And when I fall you're underneath 
                    C        D 
A thousand broken hearts 
                              C       D 
Carried by a thousand broken wings 
         C                D 
A thousand broken wings 
         C                D 
A thousand broken wings 

C, D, G

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