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Losing Sleep

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Intro: Dm  Bb  F  C 

Verse 1:
             Dm         Bb       F       C 
We're gonna stop these lies and start again, 
   Dm            Bb       F            C 
Break through bone and cut through skin, 
   Dm        Bb         F          C 
See just where your heart has been, 
        Dm            Bb      F      C 
By the trail left behind you. 

Verse 2:
          Dm      Bb       F             C 
Oh it takes no time to make things clear, 
      Dm        Bb    F         C 
I might be blind but I can hear, 
            Dm       Bb       F        C 
By the sound of things I'm losing sleep, 
     Dm            Bb        F     C 
For all the right reasons. 

        Bb/G       F      C 
And it goes down hard for me, 
          Bb/G                F        C 
That you just don't, don't seem to see, 
         Bb/G               F      C 
At the top you'll, you'll always be, 
Looking down 
    Bb            C 
To find yourself. 

Dm Bb F So call me when you get here, C Dm Bb F And tell me when you hit that ground C Dm Bb F Tell me when you get here, C Dm Bb F C Tell me when your plan breaks down.
Verse 3: Dm Bb F C When you stop your heart to make some space, Dm Bb F C For shallow drinks and social games, Dm Bb F C I kept it for reminders sake Dm Bb F C Of before the bottle found you. Bridge: Bb/G F C And Ohhh, whoa whoa ohhh Bb/G F C Ohhh, whoa whoa ohhh Bb/G F C Ohhh, whoa whoa ohhh G Bb C Whoa ohhh

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