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Over You

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Capo en el 3er traste

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INTRO G D E|-------------------------| h|-----------3^5-3---------| G|-----0-2-4-------2---2-4-| D|---0-----------0---0-----| A|-------------------------| E|-3-----------------------| Am C D E|-----------3^5-3-2---2-3-| h|-1-----1-----------3-----| G|-----2---2---------------| D|---2-------------0-------| A|-0---------3-------------| E|-------------------------| G D E|-3-----------------------| h|-----------3^5-3---------| G|-----0-2-4-------2---2-4-| D|---0-----------0---0-----| A|-------------------------| E|-3-----------------------| Am C' D E|-----------3^5-3-2-| h|-1-----1-----------| G|-----2---2---------| D|---2-------------0-| A|-0---------3-------| E|-------------------|
1. STROPHE G D There is nothing to say Am C D (D4) About the things we've gone through G D No more aces to play Am C D (D4) I played that's what you've done too C' D Em/E* You have broken my heart Em/D* C But that wasn't enough Am D (D4 D) You have torn it and cut it to pieces
G D I can't love anymore Em/E* Since you walked out that door Em/D* C How I wish it wasn't true D G I'd be over you D Somewhere deep in my heart Em/E* I will make a new start Em/D* C Then I'll know it for sure D G That I'm over you
2. STROPHE G D I was here in your arms Am C D (D4) I thought that I belonged there G D But you made up your mind Am Em/E* I couldn't believe it D C I couldn't believe it's true D Em/E* Em/D* That you hurt me this way C Am D (D4 D) You have broken my heart into pieces
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(REFRAIN) SOLO E|-------------------------| h|-------------------------| G|---------------7-7^9-7---| D|-5---5---7---9---------7-| A|---5---5---5-------------| E|-------------------------| E|---------5-7-8-5-3-2-2-3-3-| h|-------5-------------------| G|---------------------------| D|-5^4-5---------------------| A|---------------------------| E|---------------------------| E|-----3-3-----5-5-----------| h|-0-1-----0-1-----1-0-1-3-5-| G|---------------------------| D|---------------------------| A|---------------------------| E|---------------------------| E|-----------------5-5---5-(5^)7-| h|-5-7-8-8-7-5-7-8-----8---------| G|-------------------------------| D|-------------------------------| A|-------------------------------| E|-------------------------------|

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