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Dreamer (acoustic)

	  This is an easy song.I have seen the other tabs.They just dont match. 
Mine needs the normal tuning. 
   C                                       Am           
Gazing through the window at the world outside 
   C                            Am         
Wondering will mother earth survive 
  F                               Dm           G                
Hoping that mankind will stop abusing her,Sometime 
   C                                 Am       
After all there's only just the two of us 
   C                                 Am         
And here we are still fighting for our lives 
  F                             Dm                   G 
Watching all of history repeat itself, time after time 
I'm just a dreamer 
  Am           Em         G 
I dream my life away 
I'm just a dreamer 
  Am                Em               G 
Who dreams of better days   
(The same through the next verse and Chorus) 
         Dm                            G            
Your higher power may be God or Jesus Christ 
         Dm                             G              
Without each others help there ain't no hope for us 
         Dm                 G         
I'm living in a dream of fantasy,  
     C         Am        
oh yeah, yeah, yeah...... 
For The Solo: 
C     Am       C       Am      F      Dm      G ......... 
That's It!!!!! 


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