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	  verse 1 
E                                C#m              A 
When I find myself on shifting sand 
E                              C#m              A 
You set me up on solid rock again 
E                          C#m                   A 
You won't let me fall, won't let me slip 
E                                                      B 
And when I feel like I just can't, remind me who I am 

I can stand tall        today 
                      C#m             A         
Because through it all,      I say 

E My hope, my strength, C#m A My confidence is in Your name E My hope, my strength C#m A My confidence is in Your promises E C#m Yeah yeah yeah yeah A It in your promises E C#m Yeah yeah yeah yeah A E It in your promises
verse 2 E C#m A You take me past the possibilities E C#m A You take me past the shore into the deep E C#m A Even in the hard and hopeless things E B You're the God of victory, yeah, victory Bridge C#m Though my enemies rise against me A Though war breaks out around me E No fear can stand within me B Jesus You my hope, my strength

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