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In Bloom

Áño: 1991 - Álbum: Nevermind

Tono:  C Más
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	  Intro: C Am G A# |2 korda 
       C G# F C# B 
  C        G#         F   C# B 
1.Sell the kids for food 
  C        G#         F   C# B 
  Weather changes moods 
  Spring is here again 
  Reproductive glands 
        C             Am            C               Am 
Refr:  he`s the one who likes all our pretty songs 
                C              Am  
        And he likes to sing along 
                C                 Am 
        And he likes to shoot his gun 
                D                 F 
        But he knows not what it means 
          D                 F    
        Knows not what it means, And I say |2 times 
        C Am G A# |2 times 
Refr: He`s the one... 
2. We can have some more 
   Nature is a whore 
   Bruises on the fruit 
   Tender age in bloom 
Refr: 2 korda 


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