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Big Long Now

Áño: 1992 - Álbum: Incesticide

Tono:  Bb5 Más
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E --------------- B --------------- G -------------0- this is played over and over again. The unopen strings D -----0--------- are played palm muted while the open string are played A ---8---8---8--- normally. E -9-------9-----
The song goes: (Riff) It~s not cold enough Please put his side up She is moon gray Bb5 A5 G#5 (Riff) Can we show our faces now I~m not in a string She~s not turning gray Simple as it seems Bb5 A5 G#5 (Riff) Can we show our faces now D5 C#5 Endless climb! D5 C#5 G5 I am blind D5 C#5 Why canUy I eat D5 C#5 G5 Call a lie D5 C#5 Speaking a phrase D5 C#5 G5 Instantly grown D5 C#5 Lord I~m blind D5 C#5 G5 F#5 F5 F5 Waiting in line (Riff) This continues on for another verse and chorus and that is basically the whole song.

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