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And I Love Her Acordes

Neil Diamond



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And I Love Her


Dm                  Am  
I gave her all my love:  
Dm           Am  
That's all I do.  
Dm              Am  
And if you saw my love  
F                        G  
You'd love her too. 
And I love her. 
Dm                   Am  
She gives me everything  
Dm            Am  
And tenderly.  
Dm                Am   
The kiss my lover brings  
F                     G  
She brings to me.  
And I love her. 
Am                  G     Am          G  
A love like ours could never die  
Am             C                 G  
As long as I have you near me.  
Dm                    Am  
Bright are the stars that shine,  
Dm             Am  
Dark is the sky.  
Dm                   Am  
I know this love of mine   
F                 G  
Will never die,  
And I love her.  


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