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Timing Is Everything Acordes

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Timing Is Everything

(Natalie Hemby)

	  Capo on fourth fret 

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Em7 G Cadd9 D Am C e--3------3-------3-------2------3---0-| B--3------3-------3-------3------2---1-| G--0------0-------0-------2------3---0-| D--2------0-------2-------0------0---2-| A--2------2-------3------------------3-| E---------3-------0--------------------|
G when the stars line up and you catch a good break Em7 and people think that you're lucky but you know it's grace Cadd9 it can happen so fast D or a little bit late Cadd9 timing is everything G you know I've had close calls when it could have been me Em7 i was young when i learned just how fragile life could be Cadd9 i lost friends of mine D i guess it wasn't my time Cadd9 G time is everything Cadd9 G and i could have been a child that got took home Cadd9 G and i would have been one more unfinished song C and when it seems a rhyme is hard to find Am that's when one comes along D just in time G well I remember that day G when our eyes first meet Em7 you ran into the building to get out of the rain cause you were soaking wet Cadd9 and as i held the door D you wanted to know my name Cadd9 G timing is everything Cadd9 G and i could have been another minute late Cadd9 G and you never would have crossed my path that day C and when it seems true love is hard to find Am that's when love comes along D just in time G well you can call it fate or destiny Em7 sometimes it really feels like it's a mystery Cadd9 you can be hurt by love D or healed by the same Cadd9 G timing is everything Cadd9 G timing is everything Cadd9 G timing is everything

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