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Naked Chips

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Early one cold winter morning 
i arise before the light 
call up my friend, say lets go for a ride 
you been sleeping all night 
the pick-up truck it pulls up the road 
I get in I say alright 
I ask where we going, I say I don't know 
just make sure you drive on the right 

now we can see how the day's gonna be 
as down the highway we go 
my trouble is gone, I'm singing this song 
about the place where we're gonna go 

Repeat Verse 
crossing over the highway 
my eyes start to close 
my friend needs something to stay awake 
so he searches the radio shows 
the program host talks of war and peace 
and other crazy politics 
but next thing I know, we're watching it snow 
getting gas at exit 106 


the sky turns pink and orange 
above us appears a star 
we descend into a small country town 
walk into the local bar 
I ask what beer do you have here 
he say how much money you got, 
I take out a fifty, he takes out some whiskey 
and pours us each all a shot 


the engine starts the wheels are turning 
the miles flying by once again 
see a lonely farmer eating breakfast  
with his dog his rooster and his hen 
welcomes us to his property,  
explains this is all I own 
but I'm much richer than both you and he 
cause there aint nothing bothering me boy 


back in the good old city, 
cause it finally hit me 
there are leaves on the trees and waves in the sea 
some things just go naturally 
the journey was long and tiring 
but atleast now I know 
sometimes there aint nothing I can do 
but just get up and go 


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