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I Just Started Hatin' Cheatin' Songs Today Acordes

Moe Bandy

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I Just Started Hatin' Cheatin' Songs Today

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	  I Just Started Hatin? Cheatin? Songs Today 
By Moe Bandy 
Intro Chords:A E B7 E 
E                  A                   E 
Today the midnight oil is all over someone 
    E                                          B7 
And those forbidden places aren?t forbidden anymore 
   E                  A             E 
If my back door could talk it would tell me 
        A               E         B7    E 
That my borrowed angels been this all before 
A E I just threw my last bottle at the jukebox E A E B7 When I heard that woman singin?, ?Darlin lets go all the way? E A E And I just found out my woman is the devil A B7 E I just started hatin? cheatin? songs today
Did she sleep in your arms last night, Mister Were you the one who gladly helped her make it thru the night Did she whisper it?s not love, but it?s not bad Did she forget to wake you up to say goodbye Chorus:

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