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Going To Bed Now

What do you give someone 
Bm                            Em                      C 
Who's already got one of everything you thought would be the perfect 
Em              C               G  C   D 
Accoutrement to their unnerving temperament? 
G       C  G 

             G                          Bm 
What could a lowly peasant being like myself 
                         Em          C 
Offer a perfect pleasant savior of humanity 
       Em          C               G             D 
The redeemer of us sickly, sinning hillbillies? 
G        C  Asus4  G/B 

C             D          Em 
Just one more resounding stab at all the others 
You've almost blown your cover 
But your traps don't stick 
One more bottle should do the trick 
           Em                               D 
Discreetly cleansing the remnants of every disdainful quip 
C            D 
You found no escape route 
      G        G/F   Em                C 
But I know you well enough to hate you now 
It's too bad you haven't figured that out 

G - C - D - C 

What do you call someone 
Bm                     Em           C 
Who calls you out on DIY ethics you don't embody 
Em               C               G            D 
As he drains his dad and mommy's monthly data plan? 
G          C 
An asshole 
With an iPhone 

G                      Bm 
I'll admit, I'm in the same boat 
Caught between my adolescent safety net 
    C                        G 
And where the world wants me to be 
But I never use that as an excuse 
   Em                   C 
To treat my friends the way that you treat me 

Em - Em/Eb - C 
Em - D - G - Asus4 
D (quick) C5 - D5 - C5 - D5 - C5 - D5 - Eb5 - E5 - F5 - F#5 (etc)  
^(this is done quickly just strum fast, while moving your fingers up the neck) 

C             D          Em 
Just one more distorted, sad attempt at humor 
                          D            C 
From the jagged, bleeding tumor in our throat 
              D                    Em    
Malignance at best, and quick to address yourself 
                                  D            C 
As anything other than what we've learned to expect 
           D        (Dead Strum) 
The patron saint of Good God Damn 
G    G/F            Em 
I'll kick myself to sleep 
                           C                        Cm 
Before I shake that grimy, dirty, crusted, arrogant hand 
So please leave my house 

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