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Come As Close As You Want Acordes

Misty Edwards



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Come As Close As You Want


INTRO: A F#m C#m E (2x) 

A                     F#m  
 Come as close as You want.   
             C#m                 A  
Consume this heart that longs to burn.  
A                     F#m    
 I know Your fire can hurt,  
               C#m                A  
but I would be worse here without You.  

    D     Bm7                E  
For I was made to dwell with You,   
    D     Bm7          E  
and how I ache until I do.  

A D2 Holy God, Take my heart, F#m E Purge with flame and truth! A D2 Holy heart is all I want, F#m9 E That I may live with You!
VERSE 2: A F#m Come and take all these chains C#m A that get in the way of what You want. A F#m And as I stand in the flame C#m A still I will say, I trust You God!"

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