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Down In The Willow Garden Acordes

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Down In The Willow Garden

     G               Em     
Down in the willow garden 
       G                 Em     
Where me and my love did meet 
        G              C 
And there we sat a courting 
       G       D     G 
My love fell off to sleep 

   C              G         Em 
I had a bottle of burgundy wine 
       G           Em 
My love she did not know 
    G                                C     
And there I poisoned that dear little girl 
    G       D        G 
Down by the banks below 

I drew my saber through her 
    G            Em     
It was a bloody knife 
  G                 C 
I threw her in the river 
    G        D      G 
It was a dreadful sight 

    C         G     Em 
My father often told me 
      G                 Em 
That money would set me free 
          G                       C 
If I did murder that dear little girl 
      G        D         G     
Whose name was Rose Connelly 

Now he sits in his own cabin door 
  G                       Em 
A-wiping his tear-brimmed eye 
G                     C 
Weeping for his only son 
   G          D      G 
On yonder scaffold high 

   Em            G         Em 
My race is run beneath the sun 
    G                    Em 
The devil is waiting for me 
    G                           C 
For I murdered that dear little girl 
      G         D        G 
Whose name was Rose Connelly 

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