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Aladdin - Speechless Acordes

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Aladdin - Speechless

verse 1 
F#m        D            E         D 
Written in stone every rule every word 
D         E         F#m 
Centuries old and unbending 
F#m          D            E            D 
Stay in your place better seen and not heard 
     D                E 
Well now that story's ending 
      D                    A      F#m 
Cause I, I cannot start to crumble 
               D                          C# 
So come on and try, try to shut me cut me down 

F#m D E I won't be silent, you can't keep me quiet A D Won't tremble when you try it D Bm F#m D E All I know is I won't go speechless, speechless F#m D E Let the storm in, I cannot be broken A D No, I won't leave unspoken D Bm F#m D E F#m Cause I know that I won't go speechless?

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