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When Nothing But A Miracle Will Do Acordes

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When Nothing But A Miracle Will Do


E                                 A 
When you've tried everything, and everything you've tried has failed, 
            E                              F#m              B 
When you're standing at the harbor and the ship of hope has sailed; 
C#m             E/B         A                   F#m 
Friends have no answers and peace just can't be found, 
         A                 E/G#           F#m          A/B 
Oh, but, there's a hand of mercy that can turn it all around. 

E A/F# E/G# When nothing, but a miracle, will do, A E/G# F#m A/B There's nothing that, the hand of God, cannot bring you through. E B/D# E/C# F#m Well, I know He's more than able, and He will deliver you, F#m A/B E When nothing, but a miracle, will do.
E When you cried out in the darkness, A and no one seems to hear Just E F#m B because you can't see Him, doesn't mean He isn't near. C#m E/B A F#m Perhaps He's only waiting, 'til you've done all you can do A E/G# F#m A/B Until He's the only thing thats left to hold on too.

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