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Miranda Lambert



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Heart Like Mine

Capo en el 1er traste

Intro: (G)  (C) x4 

(G)                 (C) 
I ain't the kind you take home to Mama 

(G)                (C) 
I ain't the kind to wear no ring 

(G)        (C) 
Somehow I always get stronger 

(G)            (C)... 
When I'm on my second drink... 

(G)  (C) x2 

Even though I hate to admit it 
Sometimes I smoke cigarettes 
The Christian folk say I should quit it 
And I just smile and say, "God bless" 

(G) strum 


'Cause I heard Jesus, He drank wine 

     (C)           (G) 
And I bet we'd get along just fine 

He could calm a storm and heal the blind 

     (C)                              (G) 
And I bet He'd understand a heart like mine 

(G)  (C) x2 

Daddy cried when he saw my tattoo 
But he said he loved me anyway 
My brother got the brains of the family 
So I thought I'd learn to sing... 

(G) strum... 


Repeat intro... 


          (Am7)   (G) 
Well, I'll fly...away 

       (Am7)     (G) 
From it all one day 

        (Am7)            (D) 
And I'll fly, I'll fly away...(but..) 

These are the days that I will remember 
When my name's called on the roll 
He'll meet me with two long-stemmed glasses 
And make a toast to me coming home... 

(G) strum... 


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