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Fragile Acordes

Midge Ure



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Em       D 
You might as well have asked me not to breathe 
 Em    D 
A damaged soul I had no choice 
C       G 
I see you walk through fields of golden corn 
A    Em 
I don't belong, just fragile 

 Em        D 
With every step you raise your grand design 
 Em         D 
You build your temple to your king 
C       G 
Your shoes fill every step that brought me down 
A   Em 
A weeping clown, just fragile 

 Em       D 
And when respect turns into sympathy 
 Em        D 
And pure concern turns into fear 
C      G 
You choose to live your life in babylon 
A    Em 
I can't belong just fragile 

G      Am 
And I thought it made me better 
F       C 
And I thought it would make me strong 
B      F 
And I thought in answered everything 
B      F   G 
But I knew that I was wrong 

( Em  D ) 
( Em  D ) 

C      G 
You choose to live your life in babylon 
A    Em 
I can't belong just fragile 

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