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Baby Tonight

	  E                        A           C#m  
So much for clean sheets and a good week  
                E            A              C#m  
We?ve got these rosy cheeks, loving words to speak  
G#m A E B Baby, should I stick around would you paint this town F#m A E With me tonight, I want you in my life, baby tonight
E A C#m We?ll blow our money on a good time E A C#m When everything?s funny, they?re all good lines E A C#m We?ll feast our eyes, on a full plate E A C#m And use our credit cards, and the valet oh yeah CHORUS BRIDGE A E B They won?t understand us babe A E B They don?t really have to A B We know where we?re going, we know what we wanna do E A C#m We?ll drink from paper cups only the best wine E A C#m And toast each Saturday to last a lifetime E A C#m We?ll drive all night, yeah ?til it?s too late E A C#m To charge our Texaco card with a full tank oh yeah CHORUS

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