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Out Of The Blue

	  E        F#           Am6        E 
I was almost about to lose my faith 
E         F#         A  Am6            E  G#m C#m 
Was still dreaming feared it was too late 
      C#m7      F#                  B   G#m C#m 
But then you came along to my surprise 
      C#m7      F#                  B   A E 
And stole my heart before my very eyes 
E G#m C#m7 You took me right out of the blue A G#m B Simply by showing that you love me too E G#m A Only by giving me your everything F# E B E With a love so true you took me out of the blue
{Verse 2}: E F# Am6 E I was wondering what love was all about E F# A Am6 E I was trying couldn't work it out C#m7 F# B G#m C#m But then you came along to my surprise C#m7 F# B A E And made my frozen mind come alive {Repeat Chorus} {Verse 3}: F# A#m C# You let me out of the darkness E B You brought me out in the Sun D A E A I think you must be the only one for me B Coz you took me {Repeat Chorus}

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