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I Can See It In Your Eyes

	  D9                                  A
By your leave, I think that I'll be going now
D9                             B9  
I think I've stayed a little long
D9                          A
I looked up all my mother's recipes
D9                          B9  
I can't think what I did wrong

A          E/G#       A/C#                E
We go to a restaurant, but you don't like wine
A                 E/G#     A/C#               E
You say it's love you want,    but there is no time
D      E          D                  E
I realize,  I can see it in your eyes
D           E                  A
You keep staring at the floor
D9                            A
I used to look at your school photographs
D9                           B9  
But I don't have them anymore
D9                       A
I wonder who's in my old college rooms

D9                         B9  
Or stuck on my old locker door
A              E/G#        A/C#         E     
I dream of the ships at sea, on a stormy night
A            E/G#      A/C#            E
 I wish that it was me,   but I wake in fright
 D     E         D                  E 
I realize, I can see it in your eyes
D             E               A
I've only got myself to blame
D9                      A
Winter kisses when your lips were blue
D9                                   B9  
Like chasing wild geese in the snow
D9                    A
Pressing faces on the window panes
D9                          B9
But that's a long long time ago
A          E/G#
We go to a restaurant
A            E            A      E
You say it's love you want
D      E         D                  E   
I realize, I can see it in your eyes
D               E                 A
You're moving on to something more

A                 E/G#   D            E
D/F#         A/C   E7   A D6/F#  A/E  A5

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