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I'll Remember April Acordes

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I'll Remember April

( Don Raye, Gene DePaul and Pat Johnson)


D           D6                D7M   D6 
This lovely day will lengthen into ev'ning 
Dm7             Dm6              Dm7       Dm6 
We'll sigh good-bye to all we've ever had 
 Gm          A7               C9       B9 
Alone, where we have walked together 
B7     Em7         A7-9        D7M   D6 
I'll remember April    and be glad 
     Gm7       C7              F7M     Dm7    
I'll be content   you loved me once in April 
     Gm7            C7              F7M              Dm7 
Your lips were warm   and love and spring were new 
              Em7     A7              D7M      D6 
But I'm not afraid of Autumn and her sorrow 
          C#m5-/7  F#7            B7 Em7  A7 
For I'll remember     April and you 
     D          D6            D7M     D6 
The fire will dwindle in the glowing ashes, 
Dm7             Dm6              Dm7        Dm6 
For flames and love live such a little while 
Gm          A7         C9       B9 
I won't forget, but I won't be lonely  
B7     Em7         A7/9-          D7M   D6 
I'll remember April,    and I'll smile 

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