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Simple Girl Acordes

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Simple Girl

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Capo en el 2º traste
       G            C             G  
Simple girl, you're coffee in the morning 
       G                        D 
Simple girl, you're iced tea at noon 
       G              C                  G 
Simple girl, you?re a porch swing in the evening 
      G              D            G 
And a feather bed at night in our room 
Simple girl your cork and bob are fishing 
With a cane pole and a cold can beer 
Simple girl, you're a blacktop farm to market 
With the windows down and you whispering in my ear 

C G Simple girl, simple ways of life D G Simple highs and simple lows C G Simple girl, simply hold me close D G Simple wants, simple needs, simple dreams and simple hopes
Simple girl, are you out there listening Simple girl do you exist Simple girl I'll bet you're at the dime store But every time I go to shop I forget my list Chorus

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