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Manhattan Acordes

Maureen McGovern



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(Lorenz Hart and Richard Rodgers)

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Intro: Verse 

C7M/9    F#m7    Bm7   A7     D     A7     G/B   A7   F#m7          Bm5-/7 
Summer journeys to Niag'ra and to other places aggravate all our cares  
       Em7       A7/9- 
We'll save our fares 
D      F#m7  Bm7     A7     D       A7      G/B     A7    
I've a cozy little flat in what is known as old Manhattan 
C9            B9  Bb9    Em7    A7/9- 
We'll settle down right here in town 

C7M/9         Ebdim    Dm7            G7/13    C7M/9 
We'll have Manhattan, the Bronx and Staten Island, too 
Ebdim  Dm7    G7     G7/13-  C Ebdim  Dm7  G7 
It's lovely going through the   zoo 
C7M/9      Ebdim Dm7          G7/13    Am7 
It's very fancy    on old Delancy Street, you know 
F7  E7 Eb7   D7      Eb7  D7            G7          F/A    G7 
The subway charms us so    when balmy breezes blow to and fro 
C  Gm7      A7         Dm7              G7/13      C7M/9 
And tell me what street   compares with Mott Sreet in July 
Em7   Ebdim     Dm7    F/A G7/13- Em7 
Sweet pushcarts gently gliding   by 
A7  Ebdim A7  Dm7      F/A Fdim Ddim Em7 Am7      D9 
The great big city's a wond'rous toy     just made for a girl and boy 
D            Fdim    Em7     A7/13 A7/9-  D6 Fdim Em7 A7 
We'll turn Manhattan into an   isle  of  joy 
C7M/9         Ebdim    Dm7              G7/13    C9 
We'll go to Yonkers, where true love conquers in the wilds 
Ebdim  Dm7    G7     G7/13-  C Ebdim  Dm7  G7 
And starve together, Dear, in   Childs' 
C7M/9      Ebdim Dm7          G7/13    Am7 
We'll go to Coney and eat baloney on a roll 
F7  E7 Eb7   D7      Eb7  D7            G7          F/A    G7 
In Central Park we'll stroll where our first kiss we stole, soul to soul 
C  Gm7      A7         Dm7              G7/13     C7M/9 
And "My Fair Lady" is a terrific show, they say 
Em7   Ebdim     Dm7    F/A   G7/13- Em7 
We both may see it close someday 
A7  Eb dimA7  Dm7      F/A Fdim Ddim Em        Am7      D9 
The city's clamour can never spoil the dreams of a boy and goil 
C Ebdim Dm7     G7/13 G7/9-  D6  Ebdim Dm7  G7/9-  C6 
We'll turn Manhattan into an   isle  of  joy 

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