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Bring It On Back Acordes

Matt Wertz



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Bring It On Back

Capo en el 2º traste
 (no capo on acoustic version) 

Intro: G Am7 C D (2x) 

Tell me you miss me  
Tell me you love me too 
Em                             D 
The telephone just ain’t the same as lyin’ next to you 
Tell me you’re drivin’ 
Say that you’re almost home 
        F                               C                      D 
Cuz girl it’s gonna feel so good when I finally get you here alone 

G Am7 C D So just bring it on back bring it on back baby tonight G Am7 C D I said bring it on back bring it on back baby tonight Em D C Am Finally gonna cure this lonely girl it’s gonna feel so right C D G So just bring it on back bring it on back baby tonight
(Repeat intro chords) C Sittin’ here in the quiet G I whisper in your ear Em D The sound of your heartbeat is the only thing I wanna hear C Lost in the moonlight G Tangled up with you F Come on pretty baby I’ve been going crazy C D Thinkin’ bout what we can do (Chorus, ending on F) G F The world outside is getting colder G F And I just wanna hold* you closer C D Never gonna let you go (Chorus) Outro chords same as intro ending on G *In the acoustic version he says "pull you closer"

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