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For Angela Acordes

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For Angela

(Matthew Sever)

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	    G               C 
Dear Customer Complaint Department 
D                     C      G 
I have nothing to complain about 
     C                        D  
In fact, I have nothing but good things to say 
  C           D      G 
About your company today 

 G                 D 
Let me begin by saying 
         C         G                          D 
That normally, I avoid your store like the plague 
        G           D     
But recently on a drive to Dallas 
    C                      D 
My car broke down on the side of the road 
     G                      D 
In West, Texas, not the direction 
          C     D     G 
But the town called West 

It was the battery 
          D                            C   D   G 
I got a jump-start for free with my Triple-A card 
          G                  D 
But the local mom-and-pop garage 
           C                    D 
Were unfortunately unable to assuage 
        G                          D                    G 
My electrical conundrum 'cause my car is not American-made 

            G                      D 
So still running from my earlier jump-start, 
I drove on down the road, 
and for the first time in my life, 
   C              D        G    
Praying that I'd see a Wal-Mart 

        G                           D 
Now normally your store is like a virus 
Like Miley Cyrus 
In a teen magazine 
  G                       D    
Every five miles on the road, 
Like a toad 
      C         D               G   
A monstrous amphibian on the horizon, 
    C        D             G 
Entirely blocking out the sun 

      G                              D 
But today Murphy's Law was riding shotgun 
I didn't see one 
      D    G 
For 47.5 miles 

           G                     D 
And as I drove into Lancaster, Texas 
         C                 D 
That alabaster albatross arose out of the darkness 
        G                       D    
And I cried tears of joy as I drove around the back 
         C        D     G 
To the Tire and Lube Garage 

         D                            G 
And I jumped out with my car still running 
            G                      D         
I asked a jump-suited employee if he could change my battery 
          C            D        G 
But he didn't have a smile for me 
            G                 D 
He said, "Forty-five minute wait" 
         C                        D 
But in forty-five minutes I was going to be late 
        G                          D   
To my very first show at Uncle Calvin's Coffee House 
        C          D        G 
At a church in northeast Dallas 

       G                             D  
So I stood under the late afternoon sun 
On the hot asphalt 
My car continued to run... 
         G                               D 
And I thought, "this is the end of the line..." 
I was running out of gas 
And running out of time 
    G                    D 
Figuring I'd finish my days 
         C                           D       
In a Wal-Mart parking lot, in a heat-stroke haze 

          G                    D  
When an angel appeared at my side 
            C                             D  
And her name-tag read 'Angela,' she had pity in her eyes 
             G                    D        C                       D 
She said, "Pull in to Bay number two, and pop your hood, and I'll see what I can do" 
            C             D              G 
And she examined the dimensions of my battery 
         C                                  D 
Said, "Yeah, I think we have that. I'll go get it for you." 
         G                           D 
And the sun began to feel like my friend 
      C                          D 
And when she returned, she had tools to lend 
       G                  D   
And Angela and I worked side-by-side 
      C                                    D 
As though we'd worked together since the dawn of time 
  G                   D      
Five minutes later, when I tried to pay her, 
            C             D 
She said, "Pay for the battery, 
     C         D         G 
But you don't owe me anything" 

 G               D 
As I turned to leave, 
She said, "Write a letter to Wal-Mart 
And tell them what you think of me"... 

     G               C 
So Dear Customer Complaint Department, 
D                     C      G 
I have nothing to complain about 
     C                        D 
In fact, I have nothing but good things to say 
   C                           D 
Please pass on my thanks to Angela today 
     C           D          G 
And you should give her a raise... 
     C       D    G 
And let her unionize 
    Am     Bm  C  D 

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