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Angel Of Deaf Acordes

Matt Skiba



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Angel Of Deaf

Intro: E5 

Open your eyes 
C#5        B5 
This isn't all my fault, love 
I'm as blue as the sky 
C#5                  B5 
was down at the lake this morning because 
our love was no lie 
C#5             B5 
But it couldn't keep a seKret 
And neither can I 
C#5               B5 
And that is why I now sing this 

A5 E5 B5 Ab5 Hey, I can't hear a goddamn thing, above all the screaming I can't hear a goddamn thing, the anger's deafening I can't hear a goddamn thing, no I can't hear a goddamn thing, not a word that you're saying to me
E Open your ears C# B Stop, drop, and roll and listen E We had fire for years C# B but now the sidewalks glisten E Our dreams were no lie C# B they just never seemed to come true E You say that I didn't try C# B that I just up and left you CHORUS
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Bridge |----------------------------------------------| |----------------------------------------------| |----------------------------------------------| (2x) |--9~--9-7-6-7-6-4-4-(x2)-----9-7-6-7-6-4-4-2--| |----------------------------------------------| |----------------------------------------------|
CHORUS end on: E

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