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Dorchester Acordes

Matt Minglewood



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	  Intro: Am,C,Dm,Am x4 

Am                          C 
Somewhere in the dark, in a town beneath the border 
          Dm                          Am 
There's a lone woman who cries in the night 
She has been a loner ever since he's know her 
        Dm                          Am 
But she keeps her loneliness out of sight 
Somewhere at the coast near the Bay of Fundy 
          Dm                      Am 
There's a place called Dorchester town 
In a cell on a block behind the walls of the prison 
          Dm                 Am 
There's a man on a real come down 

Am,C,Dm,Am x2 

Am                            C 
They had got together a long, long time ago 
        Dm                     Am 
The love burned right from the start 
AM                       C 
But he was an outlaw, though he tried to change 
        Dm                Am 
He just kept breaking her heart 
AM                              C 
I don't know how it started but I do know how it ended 
       Dm                 Am 
And it ended the way it is now 
Am                             C 
He's doing twenty years in the Dorchester Prison 
      Dm                  Am            F 
She's doing twenty years somehow                   

F Dm Am If he never pulled the gun Dm Am He'd never end up on the run F G Am If she never listened to her heart F G F Am Why did she listen, listen to her heart
Am,C,Dm,Am x2 Verse: Am C Somehow the years have past Dm Am And two more hours he's free at last C He'll walk past that wall Dm Am Sixty miles down the road C She's driving north with a heavy load Dm Am She's not sure at all C Has he really changed his ways Dm Am Or will she only count the days C Until the tear drops fall Dm Am Or will he end up on the run C With his only friend called a gun Dm Am When he hears the outlaw call Chorus: Am,C,Dm,Am x8 until fade

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