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When You Think Of Me Acordes

Mark Wills


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When You Think Of Me

Capo en el 1er traste
	  intro and verse keep repeating this progression. 
strum a few times between each change. 
this can be simplified by just playing Asus for the  
first 4 changes and E for the second 4 
A progression   E progression 
1 2 3 4         5 6 7 8 
x x x x         0 2 0 2   
x x x x         2 2 2 2 
2 4 x x         2 2 2 2 
2 2 2 4         1 1 1 1 
0 0 2 2         0 0 0 0 
0 0 0 0         0 0 0 0 
A 1234                  
E 5678 
you look so peacful sleeping  
you don't know that i'm leavin but i'm gone  
i did my best to beat them 
but in my head the demons said move on 
C#m7                        Asus2             
you wake up and your gonna curse my name 
C#m7                        B 
but as some time goes by i hope and pray 
         C#m7     Asus2     E 
when you think of me 
             B          C#m7    Asus2  E 
remember the way that i used to be 
             B               C#m7    Asus2  E 
remember the times i held you tenderly 
             B          C#m7    Asus2  B    Asus2  
remember the way that i loved you 
i think about the night i met you 
i swore i'd never forget you well i won't 
i think about the way you live and breath 
inside my dreams forever 
you'll be better when i'm gone 
you'll be better when i'm gone 
C#m7                         Asus2 
i know you're gonna fall in love again 
C#m7                         B 
i'm sorry this is the way it has to end 
C#m7  Asus2 E   B 
C#m7  Asus2 E   B 
G#m                          Asus2 
as i pick up these bags and turn around 
F#m                        B 
i say a little prayer and hope somehow 

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