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G7   E7    F    Am  Dm  C  G 
verse 1 
      C          Bb                A7 
If my smile ever fails to make you swoon 
      Dm           Am              G 
If my kiss doesn't send you to the moon 
If my arms hold no charms 
        F            B7 
There's no need for alarm 
        Am           Dm            C     G 
Don't reveal how you feel, just pretend 

verse 2 
        C               Bb             A7 
If your heart starts to long for other men 
        Dm           Am             G 
If your eye tends to wander now and then 
I know it seems the grass is green 
            F                B7 
But that's just the stuff of dreams 
         Am               Dm             C     G 
Don't be fooled, don't be cruel, just pretend 

verse 3 
        F                          C 
Just pretend I'm still the one you need, dear 
        G7                       C 
I don't care if it's only make believe, dear 
                      E7             Am     D7 
Don't discard me like I'm the latest trend 
               C            Dm            C 
Go through the motions of devotion and pretend 

G  C  Bb  A7    Dm  Am  G    E7    F  B7  Am  Dm  C  G 

verse 4 
    F                         C 
Oh, love is often tedious and hard, dear 
         G7                   C 
It can't always be a Hallmark card, dear 
                          E7             Am    D7 
Try to find the spark within your heart again 
               C            Dm            A7 
Go through the motions of devotion and pretend 
Well, I'd rather that you fake it 
       C               B7 
If you left I couldn't take it 
           D7                  G            C 
You got my heart, so don't you break it, pretend 

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