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Ships Sail Away Acordes

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Ships Sail Away

Am Em F/C C/G 
Am Em F/C 
C/G G F/C x2 

   Am          Em         F/C       C/G 
As ships sail away I grow tired and gray 
     Am         Em         F/C 
this story has always been true 
           Am       Em        F/C   C/G 
and it’s a long way down each time around 
     Am            Em        F/C 
it’s something you never get used to 

       Am          Em           F/C     C/G 
Well I fell like a fool for the one and only 
       Am           Em           F/C 
I made peace with a haunting old friend 
           Am          Em           F/C    C/G 
and as the first drops fell our last words sailed 
     Am          Em           F/C 
they sit with me still in the sand 

Em/G Dm/F x4 

Am    Em          F/C       C/G 
Forty days, boys, and forty nights 
    Am              Em            F/C 
the ship tossed and turned two by two 
         Am            Em          F/C         C/G 
they say heaven poured down on our poor little heads 
        Am      Em   F/C 
and the world began anew 
Am     Em       F/C      C/G        Am 
Golden shores, I want no more in my time 
Em     F/C       
than time to tell 
Am      Em              F/C             C/G 
high on the mountain is each mark shown 
       Am      Em             F/C 
as the wind is blown from our sails 

Outro Instrumental 
Em/G Dm/F x4 

End with 
C/G G F/C 

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