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The Silence

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Recurring Guitar/Piano riff played throughout eb|-0--3-2---3-2-0----0-----| Bb|-------3-------2-3--0----| Gb|-------------------------| Db|-------------------------| Ab|-------------------------| Eb|-------------------------| Guitar Riff in Em, played occasionally eb|---------------| Bb|---------------| Gb|---------------| Db|-2-2-2-2-0-----| Ab|----------2----| Eb|---------------|
Intro: Em D A Em (x2) Verse Em D A Em Why do I deserve the science to feel better about you? Em D At a loss I lost my cool A Em I denied that I found you Em D I tried to be a basket case A Em I did not surprise you Em D I'm trying to find a signal fire A Em Let me know when I should move
G D But you, amplified in the silence A Em Justified in the way you make me bruise Em D Magnified in the science A Em Anatomically proved G A Em That you don't need me
Em D A Em (x2) Verse Em D Why do I desire the space? A Em I was mourning after you Em D I was lost and lost my shape A Em There was nothing I could do Em D I don't want to waste away A Em It was all I gave to you Em D Take me back and take my place A Em I will rise right up for you
G D But you, amplified in the silence A Em Justified in the way you make me bruise Em D Magnified in the science A Em Anatomically proved G A Em That you don't need me
Bridge Em A All the while you waste away, you're asking D G Fm Em "Did I really need another one to take me down?" Em A Everybody knows it's something that you had to live with darling D G Fm Em Nobody's gonna tear you down now Em A There is nothing you keep, there is only your reflection Em D A Em (x2) Outro Em There was nothing but quiet retractions D A And families pleading, "Don't look in that cabinet, there's far more bad than there's good, Em I don't know how it got there" Em That was something your father had burned in me D Twenty hours out of Homestake eternity A Em "You can go anywhere but you are where you came from" Em Little girl you are cursed by my ancestry D There is nothing but darkness and agony A Em I can not only see, but you stopped me from blinking Em Let me watch you as close as a memory D Let me hold you above all the misery A Em Let me open my eyes and be glad that I got here

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