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Age Of Aggression

     Dm           G       C             Dm 
We drink to our youth, to days come and gone 
         Dm       G          C          Dm 
for the Age of Aggression is just about done 

       Dm            G               C             Dm 
We'll drive out the Stormcloaks and restore what we own 
         Dm            G           C             Dm 
With our blood and our steel we'll take back our home 

 F         F           C         C 
Down with Ulfric, the killer of kings 
       Dm          Dm           C              Am 
On the day of your death we'll drink and we'll sing 

           Dm         G              C             Dm 
We're the children of Skyrim, and we fight all our lives 
           Dm         G         C         Dm 
And when Sovngarde beckons everyone of us dies 

     Dm           G             C             Dm 
But this land is ours and we'll see it whiped clean 
        Dm               G          C            Dm 
Of the scourge that has sullied our hopes and our dreams. 

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