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Hold Me

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(1) C N.C. F Hold me closer, I think she's holding on to him C Would you care to dance a little longer? G7 Would you mind taking me in? C N.C. F Hold me closer, if you could only just pretend C She might see me smiling somewhere G7 C And want me back again
Am We used to go together a-waltzing C F Oh, she used to lead me out on the floor C But here I am with you tonight G7 C And she's over there with Joe
(2) C N.C. F Hold me closer, I think I just might cry C Well, I'm dusting off some memories G7 That are waking up inside C N.C. F Hold me closer, and we'll dance into the night C Though you might see me flash a grin G7 C Honey, I'm having the hardest time
Am We used to sail at night like stars C F And we'd tell it like it is to all the folks C She used to cut up my old blue jeans G7 C And laugh at all my jokes Slide Guitar Solo C C7 F C G7 Piano Solo C C7 F C G7 C
(3) C N.C. F Hold me closer, I think I need a friend C Well, my longest night of lonesome G7 Is coming to an end C N.C. F Hold me closer, as we walk into the wind C Lay your love upon my busted heart G7 C And we'll pray that it will mend

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