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Last Year Acordes

Lucie Silvas

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Last Year

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	  D G 
Seasons change 
And there they go 
It's not over 
Give me hope 
D G 
Don't you like 
How it was before 
It's time I told you 
That I need more 
A G 
Today the wine is not sweet enough 
And there's no flavour to your vintaged love 
D G 
You don't give me the words I want to hear 
If you want me to stay baby make it clear 
You're not showing me love like you did last year 
Like you did last year 
D G 
Chase the moon across my sky 
I saved a picture of you and I 
Our love was a race 
It was won too soon 
Looks like you've given up on running now 
And I won't wait for you 
A G 
The stars ain't shining bright enough 
And venus doesn't seem to favour us 


Bm                           D  
Won't you just come here and we'll talk all about it 
Bm                         D     
When it's much too precious to lose so easily 
Bm                    D                 A   
And just go back to where we used to be 


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