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Exactly Like You

(Dorothy Fields and Jimmy McHugh)

	  D A7       G     A7  A7/9 D6          Cdim 
I used to have a perfect sweetheart  
      Em7      A7  A7/13-    D     Cim 
Not a real one,   just a dream 
  Em7      Gdim       Em7 G/B     A7 
A wonderful vision of us   as a  team 
 D  A7       G  A7 A7/9 D6        Cdim 
Can you imagine how  I feel now 
        Em7      A7 A7/13-    B7 
Love is real now,    it's ideal 
       Em7  A7      D    B7 
You're just what I wanted 
    Em7       A7          Cdim  A7     A7/13- 
And now it's nice to live, paradise to live 
D       G  Em7   D       E7       D9   A7   E7 
I know why I've waited, know why I've been blue 
  A7          G        A        Em7 A7    D Em7 Fdim  D   A4/7 
Prayed each night for    someone     exactly    like you. 
D          G   Em7   D       E7 D9  A7  E7 
Why should we spend money on a show or two 
A7      G    Fdim  A7         Em7  D  G  Fdim  D 
No one does those love scenes    exactly like you 
D9  Am7  D7  G6            Edim 
You make me feel so grand 
   A7      Em7       D       G    D 
I want to hand the world to you 
     F#7 Bm7 G          Gdim 
You seem  to understand  
      A7              D7M        D6 
Each foolish little scheme I'm scheming 
Em7        A7     A7/13- 
Dream I'm dreaming 
D      G   Em7  D         E7       D9 A7  E7 
Now I know why mother taught me to be true  
A7        G  Fdim A7     Em7 D G  Fdim  D 
She meant me for someone exactly like you 

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