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New Train

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	  G                                       C  
Well, I went out to Ashton Place, left Nashville for a while 
        G                                        D 
Took my fishin pole, some cold tall boys, and my old South Georgia smile 
G                                     C 
Saw a diner on the way there, stopped in for a bite to eat 
       F               C                 G   
You'll never guess who sat right next to me 
He wasn't in a shade of black, no hat upon his head 
The only way I knew it was John was that grin that he was wearin' 
He said, "Son, this ain't no diner, its a different way of life 
But if you play your song, you can come inside." 
C G Cause music will keep changing, as long as grass will grow D G So put your ears to the track, you'll hear that whistle blow C G Em tell all of those pretty boys to put their guitars down F C G There's a new train rollin' into town F C G There's a new train rollin' into town
Oh my cousin won't you look around this room Waylon's at the jukebox, and Willie?s making brew Robert Keen and Son Volt bringing in the newer ears Yes, young outlaws are always welcome here Chorus Solo So if your feeling Haggard like your on desolation road And your panic-strickin? brothers are starting to get old Just take the lead out of your shoes, sit right down and sing the blues And thank the Lord that trains a-comin' soon Chorus

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