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Skellig Acordes

Loreena McKennitt



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Intro: Cm Bb G# Bb Cm 

   Cm               Bb 
O light the candle, John 
     G#      Bb        Cm 
The daylight is almost gone 
    Cm                    Bb 
The birds have sung their last 
    G#         Bb     Cm 
The bells call all to mass 

Cm          Bb  Cm 
Sit here by my side 
        G#     Bb     Cm 
For the night is very long 
Cm        Bb            Cm 
There's something I must tell 
G#       Bb     Cm 
Before I pass along 

    Cm         Bb     Cm     G#       Bb     Cm 
I joined the brotherhood My books were all to me 
   Cm         Bb        Cm 
I scribed the words of God 
    G#      Bb    Cm 
And much of history 

   Cm  Bb      Cm 
Many a year was I 
       G#    Bb      Cm 
Perched out upon the sea 
     Cm         Bb       Cm 
The waves would wash my tears, 
      G#    Bb    Cm 
The wind, my memory 

    Cm                 Bb 
I'd hear the ocean breathe 
    G#     Bb      Cm 
Exhale upon the shore 
   Cm                Bb 
I knew the tempest's blood 
     G#     Bb      Cm 
Its wrath I would endure 

     Cm        Bb     Cm 
And so the years went by 
    G#     Bb     Cm 
Within my rocky cell 
    Cm      Bb       Cm 
With only a mouse or bird 
    G#       Bb         Cm 
My friend; I loved them well 

    Cm             Bb 
And so it came to pass 
    G#        Bb      Cm 
I'd come here to Romani 
    Cm             Bb 
And many a year it took 
     G#         Bb        Cm 
Till I arrived here with thee 

   Cm      Bb        Cm 
On dusty roads I walked 
     G#     Bb      Cm 
And over mountains high 
       Cm         Bb     Cm 
Through rivers running deep 
   G#        Bb     Cm 
Beneath the endless sky 

Cm Bb G# Bb Cm  -  Cm Bb Cm G# Bb Cm 

Cm                    Bb 
Beneath these jasmine flowers 
   G#         Bb     Cm 
Amidst these cypress trees 
   Cm             Bb 
I give you now my books 
    G#        Bb     Cm 
And all their mysteries 

     Cm      Bb     Cm 
Now take the hourglass 
   G#       Bb      Cm 
And turn it on its head 
     Cm     Bb          Cm 
For when the sands are still 
     G#        Bb         Cm 
'Tis then you'll find me dead 

    Cm      Bb      Cm 
O light the candle, John 
     G#      Bb        Cm 
The daylight is almost gone 
    Cm         Bb         Cm 
The birds have sung their last 
    G#         Bb     Cm 
The bells call all to mass 

Final: Cm Bb G# Bb Cm 

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