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Take Me

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	  Intro: D - G - D - G 

Verse I: 
D                          G 
Let me witness all Your wonders 
A                  G 
Let my heart sing Your praise 
D                             G 
Let my lips proclaim Your greatness 
A                  G 
I'm overflowing with Your love 

Bm   A      G    D 
I live for You alone 
Em         D/F#     A 
Come and take my all 

D A I'm Yours my Lord Bm G I desire no more D A I'm caught in Your embrace Bm A Where there's unending grace Em A D - G - A - G Take me I am Yours
Verse II: D G Let me dwell in Your presence A G Let me stay there all my days D G Let my soul fear none in darkness A G As you shine with glorious rays Interlude: Bm - A - G - D - Em - D/F# - A (2x) <-- Strum it like the Refrain :) Bridge: G Bm - A Lord in this moment G Bm I rest in Your arms G Bm - A And cast my burdens G A Into Your hands

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